Sony’s Playstation 4 – The Latest In Next-Gen Gaming

The Playstation 4 is the newest game console by Sony. Released in November of 2013 (February 4th in Japan), this amazing games console has had record breaking sales. As of June 2016, there have been over 42 million worldwide sales. The Playstation 4 comes with t he console itself, and a wireless Dualshock 4 controller. The controller connects to the Playstation 4 via Bluetooth. The controller comes with a touchpad on the face of the controller. It also supports motion detection, when used with the Playstation Move. It acts in such a way that with particular games you can move the controller in different directions in order to ‘move’ in-game. The Playstation 4 itself is capable of holding 500GB to 1TB of data, depending on which you choose to buy. The PS4 has wi-fi capability amd ethernet capability.